A State of the Art Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Case Study: Leading UK Food Manufacturer

This organisation manufactures many different types of food in all manner of packaging on a multi-site basis.

The Client wanted to reduce the number of existing suppliers and work directly with one AD Plant, allowing them to easily manage communication, keep invoicing to a minimum of once per month in arrears, whilst ensuring full paperwork traceability on all aspects of the waste streams disposal process.

In addition they required a site that was capable of processing all the different kinds of waste both “naked” factory waste, liquids and palletised, plus being able to re-cycle all types of food related packaging i.e. plastics, tin, glass etc whilst adhering to a strict policy of "zero waste to landfill".

The Client also required the AD Plant to provide and organise all transport logistics and the collection of the different waste streams from their factory sites across the UK, plus every collection had to be made within 6 working hours of a request.

Swancote Energy has on site the de-packing equipment, together with highly trained and experienced staff that enables us to meet this Client’s food waste disposal requirements. Add to that the network of hauliers that we work with who can provide cost effective transportation solutions for any type of food waste be it liquid, palletised, or loose. Therefore the overall result being that Swancote Energy continues to provide an ongoing all-encompassing food waste disposal service for this Client.

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  • All food types processed
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Full destruction certificate
  • Fully secure site
  • Collection by haulers