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Types of food waste we can dispose

As an expert food waste company, we can dispose of a huge range of foods, and are able to collect commercial food waste directly from your site to make the process even easier. We’re proud to say that absolutely none of the waste we collect is sent to landfill. By recycling food waste, we turn it into green energy and nitrogen-rich fertiliser which can be used again. 

Set out below are the different types of waste we can process at our food recycling plant. Please bear in mind Swancote can deal with any type of packaging regardless of whether it is glass and tin, which is recycled, or plastic, which goes to an “Energy from Waste” (EFW) Plant, where it is incinerated to produce further energy.

  • All types of palletised food waste.
  • Meat and fish (cooked or raw)
  • Sachets and Stick Packs containing sugar, ketchups, mayonnaise etc.
  • Cooked food (e.g. rice, pasta, vegetables etc) and Ready Meals
  • Bread/pastry
  • Liquids – milk, soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds
  • Cereals
  • All Dairy products
  • Any Category 3 animal by-product (contaminated)

How to arrange the disposal of your food waste

Swancote Energy have devised a straightforward process for commercial food waste disposal - enabling our customers to recycle surplus food in a cost effective and timely fashion, whilst providing full traceability of the waste, as well as certification of destruction once the material has been destroyed.

1. Contact Swancote Energy
Fill out the form on this page and send it to us.
2. Our response
Swancote Energy's response will be within a maximum of 24 working hours of receipt of a client's email confirming the following:
  • Disposal costs or rebates paid for the waste.
  • When the waste will either be collected or a convenient date for delivery.
  • If the waste is being collected by Swancote, then this will be done, if convenient, within a maximum of 72 hours from the time of the email response.

Completion of relevant permits may be required. This is a one time only process, needed when the first consignment of waste is sent for destruction. For more information, please click here.

3. Disposal
Food waste is disposed of within 48 hours of arrival on site at Swancote Energy.
4. Destruction Certificate is generated
A Certificate of Secure Destruction is generated by email containing specific information as required by the customer. This can be as detailed as needed i.e. for a full load of 26 pallets or a single pallet.
  • All food types processed
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Full destruction certificate
  • Fully secure site
  • Collection by haulers

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